Kiwi Fruit Extract

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Kiwifruit contains a variety of essential nutrients, that help digestive health. Prebiotics, Enzymes &  vitamins C, E, and K.

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Each bottle contains 60 capsules, take 1 per day.

What is it?
Kiwifruit, known scientifically as Actinidia deliciosa, is a woody vine fruit that originates from southern China. Introduced in 1906 New Zealands first plantation was in Te Puke, with the fruit given the name Chinese gooseberry. It wasnt until 1959 that its name was officially changed to Kiwifruit.

Whats it for?
Kiwifruit is mostly used for digestive health.

Whats in the capsules?
Each capsule contains 500mg of Kiwi Fruit 10:1 extract

What is the recommended dose?
The usual recommended dosage for maintaining digestive health is 1 capsule daily, taken with your main meal. If dealing with constipation or poor digestive health, you can increase the dosage to 2 capsules per day until the issue is resolved, then return to 1 capsule daily.

Is there any drug interactions?
Regarding drug interactions, it may potentially affect blood-thinning medications. If you are currently taking other drugs or supplements check with your doctor first.

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